enjoyable component of being both queer and a partner of cinema is that you are hopeless observe a likeness of yourself and your society that you’ll view actually any movie containing any hint of LGBT representation.

Maybe you have discovered an excellent little assortment of flicks on the web that focus on queer figures. I adored

Boy Meets Girl

(available on Netflix), a pleasant movie about a trans girl slipping in love in suburbia.


(Stan) says to the storyline of two males fulfilling at a club, and perfectly illustrates modern-day internet dating.

Unfortunately, for virtually any jewel you’ll find five or six duds.

Jenny’s Wedding

is in the second class. We saw it naively the very first time because I check the synopsis (essentially: lesbian marriage) and thought ‘hooray!’. I then experienced through it a moment time because We felt a review would-be amusing article to write, following screamed at myself for putting up the idea.

I never composed a film review before, thus normally I did some hard-hitting study (read: Googled ‘how to write movie overview support kindly help’). Lots of sources say to start with an appealing fact regarding movie. Here’s one about

Jenny’s Wedding Ceremony

: it sucks. It certainly, really, sucks.

You will have spoilers forward, but kindly know this is a good thing – readers, you need to be thanking me. I am helping you save from actually ever being forced to see this horrible film.


the guy film’s orifice credit start typically on most rom-my lol com, with a lively track alongside a montage of partners to their wedding day. It feels like the audience is meant to observe all couples are heterosexual, but In addition cannot assist but notice also, they are overwhelmingly white.

Jenny is actually played by Katherine Heigl in a performance that i must say i wanna feel she attempted quite difficult on, but is in the long run unhappy by awful dialogue and a clunky tale. The movie starts with Jenny at her nephew’s christening. She hesitates and looks alarmed when the priest asks if she’s going to renounce satan. Everyone knows this is because she is covering a

bad key

! She actually is a sinner! A huge gay sinner!

At the same time, Jenny’s moms and dads are talking throughout the ceremony and musing on precisely why Jenny does not have a spouse yet. LOL! Jenny’s parents tend to be assholes.

Basically, the movie not-so-subtly establishes the world that Jenny’s household are exceedingly standard and conservative, and are also usually pressing the girl to

merely get hitched already

– but to one, obviously. Custom, remember?

Its announced in a scene at Jenny’s apartment that she really


dating somebody: RORY GILMORE! Sorry – i am talking about Kitty, starred by the extremely sweet and extremely boring Alexis Bledel.

Considering the subject with the movie is

Jenny’s Wedding

, it isn’t really unexpected that these two gal pals opt to get hitched. Understanding surprising, is that they communicate previously and medically towards choice, like agreeing purchase a fresh kettle. They sit opposite each other like shameful peers from inside the work home, sipping their own glasses of beverage.

They hardly touch one another for your totality in the movie and any views where they actually do hug are abruptly seen from a range recorded, like also alarming observe up close.

This whole film is really so dull, and small is created into generate us love the figures, particularly Jenny. Kitty drives Jenny to the woman parents’ home to „drop the bomb“ (come-out) and she doesn’t enter along with her, just falls her back and drives away.

It really is worth keeping in mind that females have actually a really lovable dog who’s not previously launched whatsoever and I also think this is both a sickening supervision and personal slight towards me personally.

Jenny looks scared but as people we’ve got absolutely no thoughts for her because do not know the lady – that is Jenny? Exactly why hasn’t she come out up to now? Why is she thus awkward around their fiancee? What’s the dog’s name?!

So, the bomb is actually dropped, to the woman parents just. Her mummy whines. Jenny cries. There is no nuance to the coming-out moments – Jenny’s mummy practically wears pearls and clutches them. The woman father paces the ground of their shed muttering about meeting or custom or something like that, I am not sure – I managed to get bored stiff making a toasted sandwich.

Jenny has a mean but hot sis, Anne. She actually is about to have the

surprise of her life

! She spots Jenny at a shop, where Jenny and Kitty are considering wedding dresses. Side-note: tend to be those two called after someone’s kitties? Possibly. We will can’t say for sure.

Anne spots the lovebirds canoodling plus the penny falls. Once again, the camera zooms out as soon as the genuine canoodling (study: extremely embarrassing close-mouthed kiss) happens. The kisses they display appear so stiff and unpleasant and instantly I’m having flashbacks to the first-time I kissed a boy and inadvertently burped within his lips.

Therefore, everyone understands now, Jenny’s queer. Probably her only non-boring element. But will we care and attention? In all honesty, no. The only way they may have made this movie more boring is when they removed all characters together with just one 90-minute scene of Katherine Heigl gardening, and labeled as it

Jenny’s Weeding



the guy film provides possibility to examine hard themes, specially around religion, however it doesn’t. It very briefly dances around any such thing difficult before moving forward to another world, usually a montage of individuals looking pensive.

Oh yes, the montages – there are plenty of. A tune plays outrageous of fraught-looking family unit members and lyrics inform us „I can’t change, in the event I tried… even when I wanted to…“ Hence SUBTLE.

Between about 25 moments of montages, discover this short scene in a wedding shop aided by the gals. Kitty emerges through the modification place putting on an ill-fitting, cheap-looking frock, and Jenny claims „wow“ in identical faux-excited tone whenever your colleague lets you know a story about their week-end.

Discover ZERO chemistry between these ladies, and that I’m undecided if stars in fact had been uncomfortable or if the lifeless program only failed to encourage them. Maybe one of them had a urinary region infection during filming? You never know.

Much more montages hence song constantly plays. It’s nearly as if they truly are wanting to inform us that Jenny cannot transform, in the event she tried….

All of a sudden the marriage time is here now, hooray! The afternoon that literally no one cares about but that individuals all knew would happen anyway since the official picture for film will be the two ladies on their wedding day!

Jenny’s dad is not sure if he will be indeed there because he is nevertheless homophobic or something. But then, here he’s, and naturally the interest is found on him along with his emotions.

We have been supposed to be really pleased with him I think but it’s a lot more irritating the time has become exactly about some outdated old-fashioned white guy in place of two gals becoming formally pals.

Boring Jenny is actually walked along the aisle by the woman humdrum pops and painful Kitty is actually wishing in the altar, looking as believably ‘happy’ as whenever she played Rory Gilmore sipping those empty cups of coffee in Luke’s diner. Sorry, that feels mean – it is simply viewing Bledel work feels as though an extremely simple child deer inadvertently wandered on set and everyone is simply too polite to shoo it out.

These include today wed in vision of Jesus, which generally seems to play an important underlying role within movie but is perhaps not talked about as they skirt around any actual problems with montages.

Some flicks are incredibly terrible that they’re satisfying.

Jenny’s Wedding

, however, is not therefore terrible it’s amusing – it’s simply boring. It’s significantly average and white and mundane, like a stale Salada biscuit.

Maybe we should be delighted that average movies about queer ladies are present – not all film featuring an LGBT personality has got to entail passing – but I just desire this option was actually much better.

The movie comes to an end with white folks performing the conga line and my personal notes tell me that „i’ve never wished death upon such a lot of people in my life“. I am however uncertain as to why I thought watching this movie double is recommended, probably because I dislike myself personally.

It’s heritage in a few groups to get rid of evaluations with a celebrity overview or quantity scoring. I give

Jenny’s Marriage

one salada biscuit away from ten, that is certainly only because there is your dog.

Sidenote: if you wish to view an in fact decent rom-com which involves no demise or passing away but in fact good operating – search for

Believe Myself while

. My goal is to get watch that now as an antidote.

Deirdre Fidge is a Melbourne-based blogger, comedian and social worker. Follow her on Twitter: